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Interested in licensing the #FlipItToTestIt idea for your seminar, training program, executive education?

The 8 min TEDx talk

Are you biased? I am | Kristen Pressner | TEDxBasel

Cook Ross has distinguished 8 factors that contribute to unconscious bias training that actually works. 

Not only are all 8 factors represented in this short 8 minute talk,  it's actionable--because the #FlipItToTestIt idea shared is impactful, fast and free. 

It works on all unconscious bias because it puts people in DISCOVERY mode, not DEFENSIVE mode. 

The combination makes this talk extremely high ROI in the unconscious/implicit bias space. 

Licensing the Idea

 We're passionate about spreading the #FlipItToTestIt idea to as many people as possible, because it's so impactful, fast and free. 

The #FlipItToTestIt idea is trademarked, but you are welcome to use it in your seminar, training program, executive education program and supporting educational materials for a nominal licensing fee.

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